These Terms and Conditions enable us to ensure that you have a peaceful and safe stay, so we ask you to read them carefully and respect them.


  1. All the Guests of the Goorskie houses complex must comply with these regulations.
  2. Booking (i.e. making the advance payment) means conclusion of the contract between the parties and is equivalent to having read and accepted provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Each house is divided into independent units rented for days. The minimum stay is 2 days.
  4. Check-in is at 14:00 on the day of arrival and check-out is at 10:00 on the day of departure.
  5. If a Guest does not respect the Terms & Conditions or keeps on disturbing other guests despite being asked not to do so by the hosts, we reserve the right to refuse to continue providing services and to ask the Guest to leave the Goorskie premises without refunding the remainder of the stay.


  1. Each home can accommodate a specified number of guests. A child, even sleeping in a travel cot, is also a guest.
  2. The reservation is based on an advance payment of no less than 30% of the total value of the reservation, paid within 3 full business days at the latest, after the booking has been confirmed by phone or by email. The balance for the entire stay must be paid no later than 24 hours before the scheduled arrival – unless it has been agreed that the payment will be made upon check-in.
  3. If the reservation is made 7 days or less before the planned arrival, full amount shall be paid on the next business day at the latest – unless it has been agreed that the payment will be made upon check-in.
  4. Free cancellation is possible until 10 full days prior to scheduled arrival date. The cancellation request should be submitted via e-mail (rezerwacje@goorskie.pl) or by SMS to the telephone number: +48 502 185 765.
  5. In case of cancellation at a later date or of non arrival on the day (no-show) without prior cancellation, the Guest will be charged a cancellation fee of 30% of the full amount due for the reservation.
  6. We reserve the right to shorten the advance payment date and the full payment date as well as to introduce specific cancellation conditions for the bookings in high season, i.e. the holiday season from July to August, the Christmas, Easter and the New Year period, winter holidays or for the time from the 1st to the 3rd of May.
  7. After full payment has been made, it is not possible to get a refund due to shortening the stay.
  8. Lack of check-in by midnight on the day of arrival without prior notification of possible delay shall result in cancellation of the reservation.
  9. Specific booking and cancellation conditions may apply to reservations made via external websites (e.g. Booking.com).


  1. Quiet hours last from 22:00 to 6:00.
  2. Your behaviour cannot disturb other Guests.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to smoke, to keep weapons and ammunition, as well as flammable, corrosive, toxic, explosive or unpleasantly smelling materials.
  4. For safety reasons it is forbidden to use water heaters, radiators or electric and gas cookers that are not part of the houses’ equipment.
  5. Each time the Guests leave their house, they must make sure that the light is off and the doors and windows are locked.
  6. The guests bear full responsibility for any destructions or damages to the furnishings and appliances in the house, resulting from their fault or from the fault of their visitors.
  7. The guests must use the equipment of the house in accordance with its intended purpose and keep it intact.
  8. On the departure day you must leave the house in order and remember not to leave food in the fridge. The Guest will be charged extra fee for the cleaning services if the house is left exceptionally untidy.
  9. The Guest should immediately notify the hosts of any damage or destruction as soon as possible after it has been noticed or done.
  10. The Guest shall refund the costs of the lost or damaged keys.
  11. It is forbidden to organize events such as stag/hen parties, New Year’s Eve or birthdays in Goorskie complex.
  12. The hosts must be notified in advance of the presence of persons invited by the Guests. Persons who are not checked in Goorskie may remain at the complex area until 22:00.


  1. Animals (dogs, cats, pet rodents) are welcome. Guests wishing to come with a pet must notify of this fact while making reservation. The presence of animals is at extra charge.
  2. Pets must be under constant supervision of their owners.
  3. The dogs in the garden must be on a leash if such is the wish of the hosts or of other guests.
  4. Guests must clean up after their pets.
  5. The owner is responsible for the destruction or damage caused by their pet.
  6. The presence of an animal may not cause nuisance, distress or threaten the safety of other Guests (and it refers especially to aggressive or persistent barking).
  7. These rules shall also apply to the keeper/guardian of the animal.


  1. Our guests can leave their vehicles at designated parking spaces free of charge. The car park is fenced and unsupervised.
  2. In the playground, children must be under parent/adult guardian supervision at all times. The playground is intended for children under 12 years old.
  3. BBQ and bonfire are permitted only in designated areas and must be organised in compliance with fire regulations. Lightning BBQ or bonfire requires prior consent of the host and should be booked in advance. It is forbidden to use BBQ on the balconies and in front of the houses.
  4. Guests can order breakfast (breakfast basket) at extra charge. For details ask the hosts or visit goorskie.pl.
  5. Books and board games at the guests’ disposal can be used only on the premises.




  1. We cannot be held responsible for any items left by the guests in the houses and on the premises.
  2. We cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience caused by circumstances beyond our control, in particular for interruptions in the internet supply or bad weather conditions.


We wish you a pleasant stay in Goorskie!




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